Racist tweets against a Hispanic boy spoil’s NBA Championship Finals

11 year old Sebastian De La Cruz was at the center of a firestorm on Twitter after singing the National Anthem before game 3 of the NBA Finals. (Photo: Facebook)

Before game 3 of the NBA Championship Finals between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs ever started there was a controversy.  Popular singer  Dais Rucker was to have sung the National Anthem however he couldn’t make it to the game on time. So Rucker called upon 11 year old, San Antonio native, Sebastian De La Cruz to fill in for him. De La Cruz performed a number of times on America’s Got Talent, so Rucker wanted to give him a chance to sing in front of his home crowd.

Standing in front of 20,000 people at the AT&T Center in San Antonio and a national TV audience watching on ABC,  De La Cruz, who was wearing his Mariachi outfit sang the National Anthem brilliantly.

Click here to see the video.

But that is where the controversy began as  many viewers took to Twitter to voice their discontent about the young boy’s choice of attire during his performance. All of the racist tweets were aimed at a Hispanic boy singing the National Anthem. Here are some of the tweets that were so out of bounds.

De La Cruz says he knew people were going to judge him but he didn’t care what people had to say.

He said the backlash was amazing, because all he wanted to was to give the Spurs some luck.

De La Cruz, who was born in San Antonio, an American citizen to Hispanic parents who were also born in the United States, did nothing but make most American’s proud.

To his credit  the talented young singer didn’t pay any attention to the social media firestorm. Meanwhile, the vast majority of the country has fallen in love with the gifted young singer.

The 11 year-old is hopeful that being able to sing at the finals will one day make two more dreams come true – he wants to sing at the Super Bowl and the World Series.