Prosecutors OK Hernandez Moving To New Jail

Former New England Patriots’ tight end Aaron Hernandez has requested to be moved to a new location closer to Boston. Hernandez and his lawyers claim that there has been some mistreatment of Hernandez at the Bristol County prison. They claim that the sheriff was sharing information with the prosecutors about Hernandez’s conversations in jail and some of those led to more charges being raised against Hernandez.

“The government vigorously rejects the defendant’s baseless, theatrical and legally unsupportable allegations of misconduct against both the sheriff and the prosecution contained in his submission,’’ the D.A.’s office said, via the Boston Globe. “Evidence suggests that efforts to conceal [Hernandez’s] offenses continued even after the defendant’s arrest and detention. In these circumstances, it was by no means unreasonable for the sheriff to harbor concerns that the defendant might use the prison communication system or visitor privileges to facilitate his criminal endeavors.”


The request must still be approved by a judge before the transfer can take place.

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