Preds’ Trotz calls into question Oilers’ goalie coach after Dubynk trade

Preds’ Trotz calls into question Oilers goalie coach after Dubynk trade

If Nashville Predators’ head coach Barry Trotz had been worried about being fired over his comments about Carter Hutton’s play, he hasn’t shown it yet.

Trotz indirectly called out Edmonton Oilers coaching staff for the “bad habits” that newly acquired Devan Dubnyk picked up. Dubynk acquired for forward Matt Hendricks posted a 5.09 GAA in his first start with his new club, definitely underwhelming.

Trotz feels as many do that Dubynk, 26, is a veteran of this league and needs to step up his game in order to succeed in this league. Trotz did say that it could have been an adjustment game but that was enough leeway for Dubynk in his eyes.

““Devan’s first start wasn’t great. I don’t want to throw him under the bus. He’s got to be a lot better. He’s a veteran hockey player in the National Hockey League. I felt that three of the five goals were very stoppable in this league. It wasn’t a great game for him, but at the same time it was his first game, first trade, new city, so we’re getting used to him and he’s getting used to us.” Trotz said in an interview with Nashville’s 94.9 Game 2 on Wednesday.

If any team can fix a goaltender it would be Nashville. Pekka Rinne, who is sidelined with injury, has been a two-time Vezina trophy nominee with the Preds. Their website preaches that team building starts from the crease out and they have produced great goaltenders in Rinne and Tomas Vokoun previously.

Goaltending coach Mitch Korn, who helped develop Rinne and Vokoun, has his work cut out for him and it very well may be that Dubynk isn’t an NHL caliber goaltender but no other team in the league has a better shot of giving the final answer than the Preds.