Potential Luongo Deal In Place

Why he hasn’t already dealt Luongo is simple.

“Roberto has a no-trade, so in discussions prior to the lockout, he had a say in where he was prepared to go. Once the lockout starts, you’re not permitted to even talk about player transactions, subject to huge fines and loss of draft picks. Then the lockout ends and suddenly, you’re trying to make a decision in four or five days about a premier player in this league, and it’s tough to make a trade of this magnitude in eight months, let alone four days. So we have him here, and we’re happy having him here.

“There wasn’t really time to do anything but this. And we’re going to let it play out. Lots of stuff is going to happen here in the first month.”

The Kesler injuries — and to a lesser extent, one to the erratic David Booth — have meant that the first month may be more painful than it might have been otherwise.

“The reason professional sports are so great is that you’re aways dealing with human frailty,” Gillis said.

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