Photos: Johnny Manziel Takes Four Women To Red Sox Game

Surprise, surprise Johnny Manziel is seen in pictures doing what he does yet again. He was in Boston to do some work for the Red Sox Foundation. And apparently when you’re as cool as Johnny Manziel, you can take four ladies to a baseball game. He and four women are seen in some pictures on Twitter and Instagram at Fenway Park on Wednesday.At some point, someone spilled a drink on Manziel’s pants. You can see him cleaning it up with a napkin in Will Brinson’s tweet.

His pants weren’t soaked the whole game though. Someone took this picture and posted it to his Instagram page.

That chick could be his girlfriend. He may be off the market seeing as how this is the third picture that woman has been in. The first two being this one and this one here. He also refers to this woman as his “Bae.”

He did eventually get abandoned by his female friends. They’re no where in this picture.

We should start calling him Johnny Bravo.