Phoenix ‘Have Some Interest’ In Rip Hamilton

The Suns are actually still $6m under the cap, so they can take on Rip for nothing while the Bulls would get a trade exception.

Not sure it’d be enough for Phoenix to get a player ‘for free’, though you’d hope the Bulls wouldn’t dare give up a real asset (and instead something like a future 2nd-rounder) to help convince them.

As far as players that the Suns could be willing to send back, Jermaine O’Neal has had a brief renaissance and would be needed here, but at a minimum deal there’s little incentive for Phoenix to part with him.

Wesley Johnson is out of their rotation and an expiring contract, and though intriguing if only because he’s 10 years younger than Rip, the salary difference for the Bulls would be under $1m* and Johnson would be very unlikely to stay beyond the season.

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