Phillies Plan To Add An Outfielder In Offseason

The Philadelphia Phillies had a down year this season as they went 73-89 but they are in the market for a big time outfielder this off-season, says Jon Heyman of CBS Sports. There are numerous options for the Phillies out there but some of the more notable ones are Jacoby Ellsbury, Curtis Granderson, Shin-Soo Choo, and Nelson Cruz.

As their outfield stands now they have, Dominic Brown in LF, John Mayberry in CF and Darin Ruff in RF, with Dominic Brown being the only above-average player of the three and even he still has to prove he an sustain success in the big leagues. CF Ben Revere could return to a starting role but his strongest asset- his speed – could be hampered by his broken foot and he could, of course, be traded as well.

If the Phillies do sign an outfielder this off-season, it should help them out a lot as they try to improve their offense and return to the postseason in 2014. I’m sure the Phillies pitching staff wouldn’t mind some added offense either, especially Cole Hamels.

Source: Joe Baker MLB Nation