Percy Harvin Says He’s Just Another Playmaker

On the impact he can have on this game:
“I’m just adding another playmaker. We already have three or four good receivers out there. I’m just adding to the mix. We just think with all of us collectively on the field together, along with them trying to stop the ‘Beast Mode,’ we just feel collectively that it will be a tough time on defense.”
On how difficult this season has been for him:
“It’s been weird. It’s been frustrating. It’s been all the above, man. I had a tough time and it wore on me a little bit. But like I told the reporters, my teammates have been A-plus-plus. This whole organization has been top of the line.”
On the opportunity to have one last chance this season to have a significant impact on Seattle’s offense:
“It’s not about me. I’m not going into it trying to make a difference. I’m going to go in there and prepare for a game the way I know I prepare. I’m joining the rest of the playmakers out there. We’ve got a game plan. We’re going to go out there and try to execute.”
On pre-draft interest he received from the New England Patriots:
“They had a workout – it was two days before the draft. I knew it was either going to be Minnesota or (Patriots Head Coach Bill) Belichick with the next pick. They were actually on the phone trying to trade up and flip-flop. Belichick and (Ohio State Head Coach Urban) Meyer have been friends for so long. Belichick visited Florida when Meyer was there, frequently, pretty much every year, so we were familiar with each other. So it came close.”
On how low he sunk and who he leaned on while missing time due to injury:
“My teammates. It literally was my teammates. A couple times I knew I was down and Richard Sherman, I don’t know how he even read me, but he came up and just kind of was talking to me like, ‘Man, I kind of see you down,’ and just talking to me. So just things like that, not only him but all of my teammates and this whole organization. There definitely were days when I was really down, but this whole organization kept me up and I’m grateful for that.”
On the emotions of knowing he had new life this season after the game-sealing interception in the NFC Championship Game:
“I knew my team could pull it out. To actually know that I was going to get another chance to strap my pads up one more time and my cleats, that feeling was surreal. To know it wasn’t just another game, that that next game was going to be for it all, it was pretty surreal.”
On the special teams units in this game:
“That’s just what makes this game special. They’ve got a heck of a punt returner in Trindon Holliday who handles their kick returns and we’ve got the No. 1 unit in punt return coverage and vice versa. It’s a great matchup all the way around, from their receivers to our DBs, their quarterback versus our defense – there’s just all-around matchups in this game.”
On his ability to make high-speed cuts and if he is still able to do that:
“I believe so. It just is something I always thrived at, just being able to cut at full-speed. I know defensive players, they always were trying to get that one kill-shot on me. I was always one of the smaller players, so once I got a good grasp on that, I started using that to my advantage.”
On the chance to cap a very frustrating season personally with contributing in a Super Bowl victory:
“I’ve been giving that speech also. Like I said, I’m just looking at it (as I’m) just glad to be here. I’m going to prepare to play this game the way I know how to prepare. Every team meeting, that’s the one thing Coach (Carroll) keeps reiterating. He wants us to stay normal, keep our routine normal. We know everybody wants the Super Bowl, but just kind of keep our emotions inside and just approach this game like it’s a regular game.”