Pelini’s 2nd Year More About Real Coaching

BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) — For Florida Atlantic coach Carl Pelini, the biggest difference of his second season as coach of the Owls is that he actually gets to do some more coaching.

Pelini’s first year at the school was spent largely installing the building blocks of what he envisions for his program. How to practice. How to eat. How to train. They sound like simple matters, but they were more time-consuming than Pelini imagined.

The Owls aren’t where Pelini wants to be yet, but much of the groundwork for success is starting to get into place. Pelini says it’s “night and day” when comparing where his team is now compared to a year ago, and that he’s been able to increase the amount of time he spends working on film instead of logistics fivefold.

Source: Associated Press