One on One with UCF’s New Women’s Head Soccer Coach Tiffany Sahaydak

In May, the University of Central Florida named Tiffany Sahaydak the new women’s head soccer coach. Coach Sahaydak is the former VCU head coach and has many accolades from her playing days. Those accolades include but are not limited to being an Olympic gold medalist and a World Cup champion.

The former UCF Women’s head soccer coach, Amanda Cromwell, is one of Sahaydak’s old teammates. She went on to say that Cromwell has been a great mentor for her. When asked about receiving tips from her old teammate, Sahaydak said that they are mostly doing everything themselves.

“I actually spoke a lot to her before I actually got the job, but since we’ve gotten here, you know, every once in a while I text her here and there but for the most part we’ve just kind of been digging in and getting every thing together ourselves.”

Sahaydak also said that in regards to her transition from VCU to UCF that she is just ready to get the season started.

“It’s been great, I mean with any transition I think  there’s just a lot to do and so we’ve just been really really busy but at the same time its so exciting.”

Courtesy of UCF Athletics

When it comes to the upcoming season, Sahaydak said that Lena Peterman, a forward/midfielder for UCF, Sophie Howard, a midfielder/defender and then also Karoline Heinze, an incoming German who plays midfield are the ones UCF fans should look out for.

Coach Sahaydak also said that she is excited about the new American Athletic Conference and the schedule ahead for the Knights.

“I think it’s such a strong conference in so many ways, so we’re still going to have some rivals there, so with Memphis, we still have that rival, but overall we’re just really excited. I know as far as highlights of the conference, facilities are going to be phenomenal…I’m just excited to make history with this new conference.”

Sahaydak went on to say that she has a lot of pride coming into the job knowing that Michelle Akers, her former teammate, played at UCF.

“You mentioned Michelle Akers, she was a former teammate of mine too, so there’s a lot of pride that I have immediately being the coach here at UCF just with knowing Michelle went here and she’s been one of my favorite teammates ever.”

Coach Sahaydak will make her UCF debut at the preseason exhibition game in Orlando on August 16th against Florida at 7 p.m.

Video Courtesy of Jacob Helwig