NHL to Discuss Expansion on Replay



Detroit’s off-the-mesh goal last Saturday against Los Angeles was the final piece of evidence in guaranteeing that general managers will discuss expanding video review at the March meeting in Boca Raton.

The goal should never have counted but current video review parameters didn’t allow for the war room in Toronto to overrule it.

That’s almost surely going to change. A league source confirmed expanded video review is already on the GMs’ meeting agenda and current momentum seems to be obvious: there are more GMs than ever in support of handing the Toronto war room expanded video powers.

The goal that was allowed in the Kings-Red Wings game allowed Detroit to tie the game up very late in the third period. The Red Wings eventually won the game in a shootout giving the team 2 points and awarding the Kings with 1 point. Both teams are in a very tight playoff race only separated by 3 points or less for different playoff spots. This called could be crucial at the end of the year when the final standings emerge.

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