Every week during the 2012 NFL season you have a chance to pick an NFL team that you think will win this week’s game.. if they do you “survive” to play the next week.. but you no longer can use that team again during the contest!

If you do not play every week, you will automatically be eliminated!

Get in the action now:



Group: ESPN 1080

Password: survivor


  • 3-Day/2-Night getaway @ Ocean Landings Resort in Cocoa Beach, Fl.
  • 3-Day/2-Night getaway @ Ocean Landings Resort in Cocoa Beach, Fl.
  • 2-day/1-Night getaway @ Bilmar Beach Resort in St. Pete, Fl.


From any “pool” of more than 3 contestants who “survive” the 17-week contest, a drawing will be conducted to award the prizes listed above.  (The contest ends at the conclusion of the 17-week 2011 NFL regular season.)

Also there could be drawings to determine placement of finishers in the top 3.  Example:  With 3 weeks to go…there are 10 players who have “survived”.  In that contest week, 8 players are eliminated.  That would leave us with 2 “Survivors” .  From that group of 8 we will choose 1 name to finish 3rd in the contest.  Any other similar situation would be handled the same way.