NFL Supports Youth Concussion Bill

MIAMI (AP) — The NFL, Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins are supporting a proposed Florida law that would help protect young athletes from the risks of concussions and other preventable brain injuries.

The league and the two teams announced their support Wednesday.

Sponsored by Sen. Anitere Flores, R-Miami, Senate Bill 256 would require a youth athlete who suffers a concussion to receive written clearance from a physician before returning to play or practice.

The legislation is prompted by cases like Zackery Lystedt, who suffered a brain injury five years ago following his return to a middle school football game after sustaining a concussion. Since then, Lystedt, his family, the NFL and others have lobbied state legislatures around the country to pass laws to protect young athletes.

So far, 31 states have such laws.

Source: Associated Press