NFL Draft: Best Walk Up Songs

Pink Floyd's Money might make a good draft night walk up song.
Pink Floyd’s Money might make a good draft night walk up song.
If you don’t like the music Thursday night at Radio City Music Hall, you can blame the guys on stage. All 32 of them.
According to the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen, the draftees have been allowed to select the music that will play as they walk on stage when they’re selected Thursday night.
The idea brings to mind the walk-up music in baseball, particularly when relievers come out of the pen — “Enter Sandman” for Mariano Rivera, “Hell’s Bells” for Trevor Hoffman, “Wild Thing” for Ricky Vaughn in Major League.
The over-under for “Started From the Bottom” is five. And whoever gets drafted by the Saints would earn some quick points with his new fan base if he went with the Ying Yang Twins’ “Halftime (Stand up and Get Crunk)”
What would you pick? Here’s a few possibilities, or leave another suggestion in the comments below.

What would your walk-up music be at the NFL draft?