Need for Speed: Firestone Grand Prix Tour

Pace driver Elliott Stevens gave us an exclusive inside look into his life as a driver. He even let us enjoy the thrill of the speed he experiences daily by giving us a ride in his streetcar.

In his interview, he told us about why he loves racing.

“It’s definitely a head turner. You get a lot of guys, when you’re sitting at a stop light, offering to trade their Ferrari and things of that nature…”

We talked to him about his experience in St. Petersburg and what he likes most about coming here.

“I think it’s the people, they are just so welcoming, everyone on the Grand Prix staff, they’re just the best to work with. I loved working with them last year and this year is the same exact thing. There’s an energy in the town and especially events like this, during the lead up to the Grand Prix itself.”

Stevens has a pretty fast car that he deals with everyday and he gave us the inside scoop on how it works.

“This particular one is a couple hundred horse power. It’s been de-tuned so that it can be driven on the streets. It has headlights, turn signals, pretty much all the normal things a car is required to have.”

The Firestone Grand Prix will take place in St. Petersburg, FL starting Friday March 28th and finishing races on Sunday March 30th. Visit their website to see the full schedule of events.