NBA Stars React To Super Bowl 48

NBA stars took to twitter to express how they felt about SuperBowl 48, take a look:

Kevin Durant “Congrats Seattle you deserve it.”

Kevin Love “Congrats Seahawks. Shep Deeze please be safe tonight!!!! Goodnight.”

Jammer Fredette “Didn’t expect this….Wow.”

Tyson Chandler “Defense wins Championships.”

Mario Chalmers “Really thought it would be a closer game than this”

Carl Landry “yea these #Superbowl48 commercials are kinda #weak.”

Danny Granger “Ok I’m turning it off now…Really wanted to see Peyton get another ring..”

Wilson Chandler “Worst Super Bowl commercials ever.”

Chris Bosh “Oh Boy!!!! Denver is in a hole!!! #SB48 #Superbowl #Superbowlsunday