NBA: The Free Agent Frenzy Continues

Tuck and O’Neill brings you the top NBA Free Agency stories as they talk about what is going around the League.Rockets_Chandler_Parsons_2013Chris-Bosh1

Why you should listen:  Tuck and O’Neill comments on Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Chandler Parsons  signing rumors with Matt Thomas (Sports Talk 790 Houston), and Nate Duncan(Basketball Insiders). Tuck and O’Neill talk to Thomas about the Rockets involvement with Chris Bosh and Chandler Parsons who agreed to offer sheet with the Dallas Mavericks. Thomas breaks down the latest with Parsons and what  it means for the Rockets and how it effects the Rockets chances of landing Bosh?

Thomas talks about what would be the best case scenario for the Rockets and what would be the worst case scenario for the Rockets on how free agency will play out. Thomas also discusses the future of Jeremy Lin as well as Omar Asik in Houston. Thomas also discusses James Harden flaws on defense. Thomas also talk about Dwight Howard 1st year in Houston and how it went and much more.

 Matt Thomas on Tuck and O’Neill : July 10, 2014.

Why You Should Listen : Nate Duncan breaks down the latest in NBA Free Agency with the saga with LeBron James and the effects his decision will have in the NBA. Duncan also talks about the new Salary Cap number in the NBA. Duncan also discusses Gordon Hayward signing offer sheet with the Charlotte Hornets. Duncan also talks to Jerry and Mike about the moves the Orlando Magic have made and much more.

Nate Duncan on Tuck and O’Neill : July 10, 2014

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