National media start “Schiano Watch.”

Is Bucs head coach Greg Schiano really on the hot seat?
Is Bucs head coach Greg Schiano really on the hot seat?

Bucs head coach, Greg Schiano is finding out on a national level what an 0-6 record will get you. The national media, many of whom questioned the Bucs hiring of a college coach in the first place are now officially placing him on the “hot seat.”

ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, Yahoo and Bleacher Report are but a few publications that feel that baring some dramatic turn-a-round the Bucs will part ways with Schiano  at the end of the season. In an interesting aside most analysts calling for Schiano’s head actually think that on the college level he is a fine coach. It was the move to the Bucs from Rutgers that is the point of contention.

Many analysts see the sudden change of the Kansas City Chiefs as to why the Bucs will make the change. It might not hurt that the Bucs fan base is non too pleased at the play of the team.

In Kansas City, a new coach in Andy Reid, a new quarterback in Alex Smith and suddenly from worst to first go the Chiefs. It is felt that Tampa Bay has the talent to compete but they need a real NFL coach and a quality young quarterback to be a playoff team.

With a solid crop of college quarterbacks headed to the in the NFL in 2014 it is expected that the Bucs might be able to find their franchise guy. Marcus Mariota, of Oregon, Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville,  Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M and Brett Hundley, UCLA are all considered ready for the pro’s.

Recently Sports Illustrated named the six assistant coaches in the NFL ready to be a head coach in the league. The SI list had the name of a man many think would be a perfect for Tampa Bay.  

The man is Adam Gase, Offensive Coordinator, Denver BroncosHe is the guy that has created an offense that has allowed Peyton Manning to move seamlessly into the Broncos offense without a miss-step. Fans of Gase talk of his creativity and ability to handle young players as to why he will have a head coaching job next season.

I think it is important to point out that the national media do not own the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and right now Schiano is the head coach. How long he remains in that position is up to the Glazer family and  to Mark Dominik the teams General Manager.

My job is to let you know what the national media think’s of the Bucs and their job is to actually run the team. They, not the national media will always have the last say.

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