Ohio State will settle for the Orange Bowl

Ohio State loses to Michigan State and is headed to Miami for an Orange Bowl date
Ohio State loses to Michigan State and is headed to Miami for an Orange Bowl date

For the Ohio State football team and its fans, the regular season came to a disappointing end — to say the least. Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes lost the Big Ten Championship Game to Michigan State and with it a change to play for a BCS National Championship.

It was the first loss for Meyer and Ohio State in two years and it could not have come at a worse time. But the Buckeyes still will be going to a BCS bowl game and have a shot at a top-four finish.

Souces out of Miami are saying the Orange Bowl would love to have Ohio State come to South Beach to face the Clemson Tigers.

Because the Sugar Bowl will take Alabama as the replacement for Auburn, the Orange Bowl essentially gets to pick its matchup. The Orange obviously will take Ohio State, which has the biggest and most dedicated traveling fan base of all the available teams. The Orange also most likely will take Clemson — which also has a fairly large and dedicated fan base — to keep its ACC ties.
It is slightly possible that the Orange Bowl will snub the ACC and take Oklahoma, which has the bigger national brand and following. However, Clemson is big enough to hold its own and has a nationally known quarterback in Tahj Boyd. I think the ACC ties pushes the Tigers over the hump.

Sugar Bowl will be Alabama and most likely Oklahoma. Conventional wisdom says it’s a choice between Oklahoma and Oregon. There is a slight — though very unlikely — chance, though, that Oklahoma will manage to rise only to 15th in the BCS standings. If that happens, the Sugar Bowl would choose Oregon over Oklahoma State. However, Oklahoma has a much larger national following and traveling fan base than Oregon. The Sugar Bowl would take the Sooners. In the unlikely event that the Orange Bowl already took Oklahoma (instead of Clemson), the Sugar Bowl would take Clemson over Oregon because it is a much shorter trip for Clemson fans.

Rose Bowl will be Michigan State Spartans vs Stanford Cardinal – There is no predicting necessary for the Rose. Both teams are locked into this matchup.