NASCAR: Orlando’s Kim Coon an Ambassador for Racing

Orlando's own Kim Coon is making her mark in NASCAR as part of the Miss Sprint Cup team.
Orlando’s own Kim Coon is making her mark in NASCAR as part of the Miss Sprint Cup team.

Kim Coon  is in her fourth season as a member of the Miss Sprint Cup team, as we are three races into the 2014 season. Born and raised in Orlando, Fla., Kim remained in the south, earning degrees from the University of Miami (B.S., Broadcasting and Religious Studies) and the University of Alabama (Master’s, Integrated Marketing Communications).

Always on the go, she balanced starting her career in marketing and PR with captaining an NFL cheerleading squad, volunteering with the Susan G. Komen “For the Cure” campaign and painting in her spare time.  Kim’s background as a dancer has deepened her appreciation for a healthy lifestyle.

She enjoys sharing her workout and fitness tips, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get one of her recipes as she loves trading in her firesuit for an apron! Besides baking, Kim loves to travel and especially likes to pursue activities that gets her adrenaline pumping—her goal one day is to go shark cage diving.

Recently, we talked about her career and being a representative for NASCAR’s title sponsor.

Sports Talk Florida:  How did you get involved with NASCAR and Sprint?

Coon: Living in Orlando I had been many times to Daytona and I had friends that worked in the sport, so it was familiar to me. I was approached by Sprint about their program and with my background in broadcasting, sports marketing and public relations it seemed that it was a great opportunity for me.

Sports Talk Florida: This is your fourth year with the  Miss Sprint Cup program. What excites so much about your job that brings you back for another year?

Coon: The dynamic of NASCAR is so very different that there is something new and interesting happening each day, so it never gets boring. I can be doing social networking with the fans, to interviewing drivers, or perhaps making a personal appearance for sponsors to promote races at different tracks. In short, you really never run out of things to do or places that you need to be.

Sports Talk Florida: What is an average race day like for you?

Coon: Well we get at the track when the garages open and normally there are two of us assigned to each race. We do local media interviews and also handle social media duties letting fans know what is going on behind the scenes at the race well before the cars are out of the garage.

We then head off to the Sprint Unlimited Experience, it is great fun for both the fans and we enjoy it a great deal. It is very popular with the fans. There are plenty of interactive displays which are very entertaining, we have the Sprint Cup Trophy right there for fans to see. We do driver interviews that the fans can see and hear right there on site. It is a great deal of fun and it is an educational interactive experience for the fans and who knows you might just win a prize, so if you are at a race by all means drop by and see us.

It is also a place where we do some business on behalf of Sprint. We can sign fans up right there on the spot for our  “Sprint Framily Plan,” were you can up to 10 friends, family or even employees. There is unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data each while on the Sprint network. Separate bills. As low as $25 a month, per line. No annual service contracts or early termination fees.

Sports Talk Florida: Victory lane is also a big part of race day.

Coon: Yes we are in victory lane for the trophy presentation and plenty of pictures with the drivers and the crew. It is exciting and of course fun.

Sports Talk Florida: Is your goal to end up working for one of the networks that cover NASCAR?

Coon: Being a member of the Sprint team and working with NASCAR has given me amazing access to all aspects of this sport. I feel that the people involved with NASCAR are some of the finest that I have ever met and that my bosses at Sprint have been very supportive of my career aspirations. So, yes I thing with my broadcasting background I would love to one day be part of the Fox, ESPN or the new NBC team that will be joining us next season.

However, I could also see myself as a social media manager since so much of what I already do in my daily job involves, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. So we will see what the future holds but for now I am very pleased being part of the  Miss Sprint Cup team.