Dale Earnhardt Jr. Explodes on Twitter

NASCAR’s most popular driver won the sport’s biggest race last weekend and it may not have been the most exciting news of the week, at least when it comes to fans of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

A reluctant participant on Twitter for years, Earnhardt burst into the Twitterverse this week with a flourish of revealing tweets that have given fans insight into his life they never knew before.

“I don’t what I was thinking, why I didn’t get on there earlier,” Earnhardt said from Phoenix International Speedway on Friday. “It’s a great way to tell people things you appreciate and it’s instant.”

Earnhardt has had a Twitter account since 2008, when JR Motorsports signed up @DaleJr. But now that he has become active on social media, he has posted something for his fans every day. Earlier he tweeted the Bible verse that he had with him during his big race.

Now, he has over 520,000 followers. I don’t think he’ll want to let go of his new Twitter fame anytime soon.

SOURCE: Associated Press