Moving On: Final Look At Rays And Red Sox Benches Clearing Incident

Final Look At Bench Clearing Incident Between Red Sox And Rays

[VIDEO] Tempers Flare As Rays Defeat Red Sox 8-5

Joe Maddon and Sean Rodriguez discuss the incident that led to the benches clearing and subsequent ejections of Jonny Gomes, Yunel Escobar, and Rodriguez.

[Audio & Video] Joe Maddon Asks That The Red Sox Roll Back The Tape

Joe Maddon made it clear that he had no objection to any team adding runs at any point in a game:

“While we’re on the subject, I want to take this moment please regarding this crazy stuff about lead and teams not trying to score runs. I didn’t take any exception when they stole on us last year in the 8th inning of the Division Series with an 8-2 lead. Ellsbury on, they steal. I didn’t take any – because our goal is to not permit them scoring runs. Their goal is to score runs. The whole game. That’s always been the goal within the game of baseball. Apparently some guys on their bench do not like that. I really wish they would roll back the tape and look at that more specifically.”

[Audio] Red Sox David Ross Says Whole Team Offended By Escobar’s Stolen Base

Boston Red Sox catcher David Ross was asked if he was bothered by Yunel Escobar stealing 3rd base with the Rays up by a score of 8-3.

His answer was somewhat odd as he said the “whole team” took exception to Escobar stealing third with two-out and a five run lead in the ninth – except it was the seventh inning – but the point was the Rays violated some unwritten rule of baseball.

[Audio & Video] Jonny Gomes Delivers Far Fetched Narrative Of Benches Clearing Incident

Gomes says it wasn’t the stealing of the base that bothered him, “I wouldn’t have done it but I don’t have a problem with a hitter taking a bag. He can take the bag all he wants, you know, but yell at my dugout, take your helmet off and basically challenge our whole dugout, I’ll have a problem with that.”

Unfortunately for Gomes for his version of the story to hold up we can’t have video. If the video isn’t evidence enough for you than you have to assume that after getting to third base and checking in with veteran third base coach Tom Foley that Escobar turns around to instigate something with the Red Sox dugout.

The video suggests that Escobar was calm and relaxed – focused on playing the game – but was badgered by somebody in the Red Sox dugout which caused the reaction.

 [TWEET W/BONUS VIDEO] Boston Globe Columnist Dan Shaughnessy Calls Red Sox “Losers”

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