MLB Winter Meeting start today in Orlando

Everyone will be looking for a little magic this week at Disney World.
Everyone will be looking for a little magic this week at Disney World.

Well it is time for the Major League Baseball teams to have their annual Winter Meetings and this year they happen to be right here in our back yard at Disney World for the next four days. Given the fantasy numbers that have been doled out thus far in the off season to Robinson Cano by the Mariners and to Jacoby Ellsbury by the Yankees, Disney World seems to be just the right place to hold the meeting.

Players, agents, general managers and owners all in one place for three days and all looking for holiday bargains. Who will leave Orlando the winners and the losers in 2013? The baseball world will likely know if Japanese pitching sensation Masahiro Tanaka, will become available and more importantly what will his posting fee be?

Rays fans will be interested to know if the team will trade or keep star pitcher David Price. At this point no fewer than ten teams are interested in talking trade with GM Andrew Friedman. The big question is what team will be willing to part with the boat load of top prospects the Rays want in exchange for a former Cy Young winning, left handed power pitcher.

The two teams that seem to come up most often when you talk about a Price trade are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Seattle Mariners. But remember most times in cases like this there is a mystery team that swoops in and offers a deal you can’t refuse. So, the key with following any action of Price is waiting till you hear from everyone and since the Rays are not desperate they have the luxury of time.

The Rays will be shopping for a first baseman and always looking for a bat not to mention some bull pen help. So while this team should be able to make the post season again this year it is what they do between now and opening day that will decide how big a contender they really can be in 2014.