Miami won’t fight to keep Golden

University of Miami president Donna Shalala wants Al Golden to stay but will not get into a bidding war to keep him.
University of Miami president Donna Shalala wants Al Golden to stay but will not get into a bidding war to keep him.

As speculation continues that the next head coach at Penn State will be Al Golden , who happens to be the present head coach ay the University of Miami things are starting to get interesting. According to  USA Today recently quoted Golden’s annual salary at $2.15 million which would place him in the bottom half among ACC head coaches.

The University of Miami president Donna Shalala. has throughout this process has heaped praise on Golden for his outstanding leadership as head coach. But she has also been clear that Miami will not get into a bidding war to keep Golden. Some boosters feel they could help “The U” but it is not expected to matter if Penn State really wants him as their coach.

Miami has always been at the bottom end of the pay scale since joining tha ACC.

So, if Penn State really does like the idea of bringing Golden back to State College it seems that he could be had for about the same $3.5 million dollars that former coach Bill O’Brien accepted. In other words the Lions could get their man without paying a penny more than they paid the guy they replaced – that my friends in this day and ago college football is what we call a bargain.

We will see how things in this soap opera plays out as Penn State is also expected to talk with former Maryland defensive coordinator and present Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin. He is seen as Golden’s biggest rival because of his ties to the region as one of the best recruiters in the country when at Maryland.

Unlike Miami and their lack of bidding to keep Golden look for Vanderbilt to fight hard to keep Franklin in Nashville. He has led the Commodores to 23 wins and three bowl games.

Vanderbilt’s level of commitment has evolved off the field as well as on it since Franklin arrived. The school opened its new indoor practice facility, the centerpiece of a $31 million recreation center expansion project, on Nov. 5. Add to that there are plans for extensive renovations to Vanderbilt Stadium, you can see that Franklin has had a very strong impact on the Nashville based private school.

So this is a school that could match Penn State in cash dollar for dollar if money is an issue. Stay tuned as this coaching soap opera rolls on.