Mets Should Target David Price

The Seattle Mariners are on the verge of handing over $25 million per season to starting pitcher Felix Hernandez. In doing so the Mariners screw the Tampa Bay Rays out of any leverage they might have had with David Price. The Rays had hoped to trade Price this season for prospects before his contract expires at the end of 2013.

Last year Hernandez went 13-9 with a 3.06 ERA with 223 strikeouts, Price on the other hand went 20-5 with a 2.56 ERA and 205 strikeouts. Price also won the Cy Young Award.

Why would any general manager in baseball trade prospects to the Rays for Price and then shell out $30 million a year to the guy as well? The answer is they wouldn’t unless the Rays drop the asking “price.” Which they will to get something in return. The Rays could also hold on to Price and make a playoff run but that isn’t their style.

This is where the New York Mets come into the picture. The Mets are hosting this year’s MLB All-Star game and the storyline could go one of two ways. The first storyline plays out that the Mets are still in financial trouble and are selling off assets (Johan Santana). This would mean that they are still a long way off to contending for a playoff spot and would get booed off the stage at the All-Star game. The second storyline paints a brighter future for the Mets. Ownership and management do not want to look like fools in front of the baseball world and the only way to silence the critics would be to bring in a big name like Price.

Is the Rays’ asking “price” low enough for the Mets and do the Mets have enough to pull of a trade?