Marshall Henderson Threw The World A Curveball

Former University of Mississippi basketball player Marshall Henderson has successfully outraged the Twitterverse. But all for an experiment.

He tweeted just three hours ago that he’s “boycotting SportsCenter until all this Michael Sam nasty [explicit, explicit] is off. My brothers are seven and eleven and saw that. #sickening”

He later announced that he did it to see what kind of feedback he’d get — all for a friend who Henderson says is gay. As far as his actual views, he’s indifferent to it because he believes it’s gonna happen anyway he thinks. He says his friend asked him specifically because he knew Henderson had a large following due to his time on the Ole Miss basketball team.

Ole Miss athletic director Ross Bjork made a statement on behalf of the university.

“I’m extremely disappointed & we do not condone the statements made by our former bball player. We believe in respect & dignity for all. We use significant resources to educate our student-athletes about respect & dignity for all people & unfortunately not everyone gets it.”