Marlins’ Fanfest Draws Thousands To New Ballpark

MIAMI (AP) — Thousands of fans are showing up to take a peek at the Miami Marlins’ new ballpark and join the growing bandwagon for a team transformed by a winter spending binge.

The retractable roof was open Saturday, but the air conditioning was also on for the team’s annual Fanfest. Salsa played in the plaza behind home plate. Beyond the outfield, fans gawked at the downtown skyline and the colorful subtropical sculpture that will go into motion when the Marlins hit a homer.

A Miami-style traffic jam clogged the concourse where players sat at autograph tables, and fans stood in line for an hour or more for a single signature. The souvenir store bustled, with four jerseys on display, including those of newcomers Carlos Zambrano and Mark Buehrle.

Source: Steven Wine – AP