Mariotti Show: Wednesday September 12

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on September 12, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 12, 2013:
Jay says Nick Saban, who has managed to avoid scandal at Alabama, has a mess on his hands — a Yahoo Sports! investigation that alleges his players were among those who received and faciliated improper payments. Combined with Sports Illustrated’s five-part series on rampant improprieties in Oklahoma State’s program, this shows that college football is dirtier than ever and won’t be any cleaner in the future when more billions are pumped into the mechanism. Jay says Saban tried to bully the media in a press conference, but all that attitude does is make us wonder what he’s hiding. Jay says all 64 programs forming a power bloc starting next year should be investigated, but says that the NCAA is in limbo as a serious investigative unit and that few media organizations have the might and prowess of Yahoo! and SI to probe all the wrongdoing. Jay says the newest Oklahoma State story involves drugs — not just marijuana, but harder drugs, steroids and players who were dealing drugs and failing drug tests without ramifications. Between academic fraud, cash payments and other issues, Oklahoma State becomes the symbol of all that is wrong with a broken system. Jay says it may be up to the federal government to clean up the college scandals. Jay reiterates that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the messiest situation in the NFL, on and off the field, with reports that quarterback Josh Freeman was late for a team picture and that some Bucs players think coach Greg Schiano rigged a vote that cost Freeman his team captaincy. Jay says it’s a rough time in Tampa Bay sports, with the Rays blowing a big game because manager Joe Maddon stuck with Roberto Hernandez in relief — and was burned by a Boston grand slam.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 12, 2013:
Jay mentions that Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, is trying to finesse his way through the Redskins name controversy. Yes, Jay says, it would be nice in the 21st century that dump a nickname that is offensive to Native Americans, but Jay points out that “Redskins” isn’t intended in the football culture to be offensive and that it’s a jargon/nomenclature byproduct of a dim-witted sports society. Jay says Redskins owner Dan Snyder needs to be more sensitive to the matter and accuses some media members and politicians of grandstanding on the subject for attention. Jay talks NFL weekend games, including the 49ers-Seahawks and the Manning Bowl. Jay says you’d better bring $1,000 for one ticket if you’re going to College Station for the Alabama game. Jay says the matchup will be great theater: the old man standing there with a water hose (Saban), telling punky Johnny Manziel to get off his front lawn. This is a culture clash of old-school vs. new-age quarterbacking, but Jay expects Alabama to win because Saban and AJ McCarron will have the better equilibrium. Jay thinks Manziel will allow his ego to be hijacked by CBS’ Johnny Cam. Jay interviews Rand Gatlin of Yahoo! Sports about the investigative piece and concludes that Yahoo! and Sports Illustrated are shining lights on a flawed system. He worries there will be no investigative arm in the future in college football. Jay says it’s conceivable that D.J. Fluker, the key ex-Alabama player in question, would have his Twitter account compromised by some enemy of the program.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 12, 2013:
Jay breaks down why Alabama-A&M will be a fascinating watch — and why Alabama will survive. He says this is the crossroads of Manziel’s career — either he enhances his wild legacy and feeds the Johnny Football monster by beating Saban and Alabama again, or he falls backward in the Heisman race and cedes the spotlight to other college stars. Jay says it’s wrong for media who aren’t investigating college football because they’re in bed with college football — ESPN and Fox — to criticize those outlets that are investigating college football. Jay says college football players should be paid a stipend, but keep in mind they are receiving a four-year education that is worth, in some cases, $300,000 and up. Jay runs though the NFL stories: Chip Kelly, Jets-Patriots, Seahawks-49ers. Jay runs through the baseball stories and can’t believe the Yankees still could make the AL playoffs, even with all the injuries and the A-Rod circus. Jay admires the job manager Joe Girardi has done and applauds general manager Brian Cashman for acquiring the productive Alfonso Soriano. Jay is tired of talking about fans who die in stadium falls.

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