Mariotti Show: Wednesday, October 9th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on October 9, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 9, 2013:
Jay wonders how Joe Maddon would fare with a franchise that had a high payroll and sold-out ballpark and thinks he has maxed out the Tampa Bay way of doing things. When you have to use nine pitchers in a futile attempt to survive a playoff series against a Boston powerhouse, Maddon risks being perceived as the crazy old dude in Florida instead of what he truly is — one of baseball’s best managers and coolest ambassadors. Would he leave the Rays if Anaheim called? Jay still wonders if the Tigers have awakened enough offensively to beat the A’s in Oakland, even with Justin Verlander going in Game 5. Jay can’t believe a fan wouldn’t learn the Steve Bartman lesson in Chicago and still reach over the outfield railing for a ball in Detroit, even though it clearly was a home run and Oakland’s Josh Reddick would have had to be Michael Jordan in his prime to leap high enough to catch the ball. Jay says the Cardinals are having problems scoring runs, but figures the combination of elimination-game experience and Adam Wainwright will be enough to advance against the Dodgers in the NLCS. Given the variables of momentum, rest and big-time players doing big-time things so far, Jay is assuming the Dodgers and Red Sox are headed to a big-ticket World Series that Fox will love.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 9, 2013:
Numbed and educated by the controversial “League of Denial” documentary, Jay says the NFL should be ashamed for covering up what it knew about the link between head injuries and football. Jay scolds Roger Goodell for not participating in the documentary — at least present the league’s side of things, you know? — and scolds ESPN for bending to NFL pressure and disassociating itself from the outstanding breakthrough work of two reporters it employs. Jay grows nervous when he hears about a fan stalking Houston quarterback Matt Schaub and screaming obscenities outside his house; nothing is scarier than a spurned sports fan, recalling the Wesley Snipes-Robert DeNiro movie several years ago. It’s hypocritical for Roger Goodell to want expanded playoffs amid a concussion crisis, Jay says. Jay resets the college football picture and says the Clemson-Florida State winner still will need lots of help to reach the BCS title game, as would Urban Meyer and Ohio State. Clearly, Alabama and Oregon have direct beelines to Pasadena.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 9, 2013:
Forget a place like New York — not Joe Maddon’s kind of place if Joe Girardi leaves. Anaheim might be the only lure, and even if the Angels sit tight with Jerry Dipoto as GM and Mike Scioscia as manager, that is a tenuous relationship, and don’t be surprised if Scioscia eventually moves upstairs and asks Maddon to rejoin him as manager. Jay is impressed at how the Cardinals groom young pitchers and notices how they and other teams — Oakland with Sonny Gray, Pittsburgh with Gerrit Cole — don’t hesitate using rookies in big playoff moments. Jay interviews NBC Sports Radio’s Amani Toomer, who says he was disturbed the NFL covered up information he would have liked to know as a player, but also says it’s rash to say you’d never let your son play football. Jay is bothered by an excellent USA Today story that points out why NCAA president Mark Emmert, whose organization already is weakened by major mistakes and departures in its enforcement ranks, might have no interest in investigating his pal, Nick Saban, after reports that Alabama players took gifts and benefits — something that could lead to a vacating of a national championship if the NCAA was truly interested. Jay says Jadeveon Clowney has taken the year off and doesn’t blame him for trying to preserve his NFL millions; he just should have alerted Steve Spurrier to the fact. Jay applauds Redskins owner Daniel Snyder for at least addressing the Native American issue with sensitivity today instead of stonewalling it as he did earlier this year. That’s what happens when the POTUS says he’d change the name if he owned the team.

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