Mariotti Show Replay: Wednesday, July 16th

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The Jay Mariotti Podcast for Wednesday, July 16: We all want to pass the torch from Derek Jeter to Mike Trout, but be cautious, for our sake and Trout’s. Certainly, Trout has a chance to reign for 15 years, as a five-tool player who isn’t a tool.

Adam Wainwright’s grooved pitches to Jeter exposed All-Star Game as a sham lacking the integrity to determine World Series homefield advantage.

Adam Silver warns that Donald Sterling case could bleed, as feared, into the season. Will Clippers players and Doc Rivers boycott?

LeBron adds his guys, veteran shooters Miller and Jones, to Cavaliers.

Lance Stephenson will be blowing in LeBron’s ear in Charlotte.

Steve Spurrier playing head games with Nick Saban.

Don’t expect much from Tiger Woods at British Open.

Abbreviated podcast while radio show takes brief vacation.

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The Jay Mariotti Show Podcast for July 16th, 2014

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