Mariotti Show Replay: Tuesday, August 19th

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The Jay Mariotti Podcast for Tuesday, August 19: Meet Johnny Flipoff, the latest incarnation of a bratty quarterback who has no business leading an NFL offense. Between his extended middle finger at Washington players who were teasing him and an erratic, dismal performance, Manziel is best off sitting and learning in Cleveland. Not that Brian Hoyer is any better; can LeBron throw a football? The middle finger was doubly unfortunate as it deflected attention from the Washington players’ tribute to Michael Brown. Robert Griffin III had promising moments but must learn to slide and not take brutal hits. Chris Kluwe strikes a settlement with Vikings over anti-gay slurs. Where is Judge Roger Goodell on Gordon, Smith cases? Jim Irsay wants a delay in DUI/drugs trial, trying to skate. Steve Ballmer sounds like Mark Cuban on a case of Red Bull. Rhode Island Little League coach deserves Sportsman of Year nomination.

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The Jay Mariotti Show Podcast for August 19th, 2014

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