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The Jay Mariotti Podcast for Thursday, July 24: The NFL is a $10-billion-a-year enterprise with ratings among the highest in American TV history. Business never has been better. But just as the NFL deals with a life-and-death concussion crisis, it is shamed by a never-ending criminal element, and clearly, Roger Goodell has failed in laying down a deterrent seven years after launching his personal conduct policy. Goodell will be watched closely in his case-by-case decisions, and already, he is being ripped for punishing Ray Rice with only a two-game suspension in an alleged domestic violence incident. The NFL has too many domestic violence cases, but media commentators should do their homework on each case before making sweeping judgments about the problem as a whole. Goodell will look inconsistent and wishy-washy if he doesn’t realize each decision will be compared with all his others, including cases involving owners Jim Irsay and Jimmy Haslam. Baseball has an endangered franchise, the Tampa Bay Rays, and if ownership wants to avoid alienating whatever fans the team still has, the Rays will hold onto ace pitcher David Price until the offseason. Trading him away as the sizzling Rays charge into a winnable divisional race will send a white flag that the team cares more about creating a hope bubble with prospects than actually trying to win. If so, they might become the Montreal Rays, or, better, the Expos. NFL story lines as camp opens.

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The Jay Mariotti Show Podcast for July 22nd, 2014

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