Mariotti Show Replay: Friday, July 25th

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The Jay Mariotti Podcast for Friday, July 25: Judge Roger Goodell is being criticized roundly for his Ray Rice decision, and there’s no doubt he continues to have a criminal conduct crisis on his hands and has failed in his eight years as commissioner to protect his sacred “NFL shield.” His rulings on behavior the next few weeks will be watched closely and compared for consistency. But the media also are guilty — especially female commentators at ESPN — of not doing their homework on complex domestic violence cases. Jay provides a primer on lazy, knee-jerk media trying to get attaboys from corporate bosses and human resources departments when they simply have no idea what goes on in some of these cases. A prime offender is Michelle Beadle of ESPN, who ripped colleague Stephen A. Smith for trying to explain the complexity of this topic. NFL and players’ union still not close to an HGH deal, meaning a high percentage of players are using it. Marshawn Lynch has a point per his contract holdout, as Sherman and Thomas were rewarded with big $. Is Lynch a victim of being a chew-’em-up-spit-’em-out running back? David Price faces the Red Sox — hopefully, for drama’s sake, with David Ortiz — in what had better not be his last home start as a Tampa Bay Ray. Chris Paul warns he will boycott — and players will boycott — if the Sterling name still is attached to Clippers ownership in eight weeks. Guest: Bob Nightengale, baseball columnist, USA Today.

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The Jay Mariotti Show Podcast for July 25th, 2014

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