Mariotti Show Recap: Wednesday, Oct. 30th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on October 30, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 30, 2013:
What’s about to happen in Boston is more than a provincial story of romance, worship, family and Sawx. It’s an American spectacle, a storied franchise like the Red Sox winning a World Series at Fenway for the first time in 95 years. Jay says stories like this differentiate appreciative sports observers from fans who only care about their teams and wagers. Seeing how fate has favored the Red Sox and Boston since the turn of the century — seven championships in the four major sports — Jay expects something magical such as a David Ortiz home run to win it, Big Papi being the unquestioned Mr. October of the era. Jay also hopes and prays there are no riots and that everyone appreciates the bigger story: Boston Strong, playing for the victims of the Marathon bombings. Jay says he can’t believe the LeBron-athon series of commercials last night, but he does believe that King James is of the mindset to make more history this season. He and his team were crisp in blowing out Chicago — which doesn’t have enough pure scoring around Derrick Rose to seriously contend — but Jay wonders about the ultimate health of Dwyane Wade, the commitment of Chris Bosh and whether the team will be good enough and motivated enough to three-peat. Indiana will be front and center in the East, as will Brooklyn. Jay laughs at the poor effort of the Clippers, who already are mired in front-office turmoil, and wonders if the traditional dysfunction of the franchise will rub out whatever good things Doc Rivers is trying to get done. The Lakers, with everyone just learning to pronounce Xavier Henry’s name, dominated and, for one night, shot down the idea that the Clippers will take over the town this season. Blake Griffin is becoming an issue because he’s more of a Kia spokesman than someone who wants to improve his game.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 30, 2013:
Jay envisions the scene if the Red Sox win. He says the Cardinals didn’t help themselves by spending several hours on a tarmac and not arriving in Boston until after 11 p.m. Couldn’t the team have sent another plane instead of waiting for mechanical issues to be fixed? Jay says the Cardinals have overcome a 3-2 deficit often in the World Series, including two years ago, but this time, they’re facing a cultural force field. John Lackey, a pariah just a year ago in New England, stands to be a hero if he can give the Red Sox seven innings. The Cardinals need some offense — anyone there beyond Matt Holliday and Carlos Beltran? — to get an early lead and possibly force a Game 7. If the Red Sox lose, there will be “Oh, nos” through the region — they have no right to whine, having won so many recent championships. Jay tries to paint a picture where Jameis Winston wins the Heisman and Florida State plays in the national title game, and he’s thinking Oregon has to lose at Stanford a week from Thursday — not out of the question after Stanford’s defense slowed down, Marcus Mariota and Chip Kelly last year in Eugene. Only then will FSU avoid the potential of being the BCS system’s final victim. Jay scolds President Obama for not answering pressing questions about the health-care rollout/website and spying on allies — but finding the time to Tweet best wishes to Derrick Rose. Jay says Roger Goodell showed up at a moms-and-concussions gathering in a Chicago suburb and thinks the NFL commissioner is treating this crisis too lightly at times.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: October 30, 2013:
Jay forecasts at Red Sox victory and paints the scene: The Boston mayor has told everyone to leave work at 4 p.m … Obama happens to be in town talking health care (and Tweeting best wishes to the Red Sox, no doubt) … and it happens to be raining and cold in Beantown, which is perfect. Jay reads through Ortiz’s statistics and challenges anyone to come up with a bigger clutch hitter — given the circumstances of this team, its past and his role in busting a curse and producing gigantic numbers and big moments — in all of baseball history. Jay has no reason to think Michael Wacha won’t perform well again, despite increasing pitch counts. Jay thinks every imaginable Boston celebrity will be there, from Ben Affleck to Steven Tyler, and has no problem with the bards of New England waxing poetic about this story. Jay is amazed that football in Florida has so many wide-ranging stories: triumphant and charismatic (FSU and Winston), all-time-worst futility (Jaguars), uncommon dysfunction (Buccaneers), reprieve from scandal (Miami), an up-and-comer (Central Florida) and the strangely forgotten (Florida and their hot-seat-sitting coach). Jay understand he has gone overboard on Fenway but says he loves a great story.

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