Mariotti Show: Monday September 9

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on September 6, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 9, 2013: Jay says Colin Kaepernick exists to explode sterotypes about him and says his brilliant passing performance against Green Bay — only 22 yards on the ground, mostly eschewing the read-option offense — stamps him as football’s most breaktaking dual-threat quarterback. Jay was particularly impressed with how he kept his poise after the Clay Matthews cheap shot and how his teammates rallied around him. Defensive coordinators have no idea how to defend Kaepernick — passing, running, passing on the run — and 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh should be praised forevemore for his gutsy decision to bench Alex Smith for Kaepernick last season. Jay says he wanted to lead the show with a triumphant story because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the NFL’s most chaotic franchise right now, what with the game-losing late hit by Lavonte David, the communication and performance problems of Josh Freeman and a staph-infection crisis at the team facility that could lead to legal action. Jerry Jones wins one game, and we have to hear him accusing Giants of faking injuries? Jay says the league has an immediate officiating problem with the glaringly bad call in the 49ers-Packers game. Jay praises Terrell Pryor and EJ Manuel and says Patriots aren’t the team they used to be. Jay says the other Ryan, Rob, has immediately helped the Saints’ defense but reminds people who view Sean Payton as God that the bounty scandal happened on his watch. Jay likes the Reggie Bush acquisition in Detroit, but thinks Ndamukong Suh is sabotaging the Lions with more dirty shots — the NFL should suspend him for his latest. Jay says Andy Reid and Alex Smith are kindred spirits and wonders how the Jaguars can sell football in London when they’re barely an NFL franchise in Jacksonville.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 9, 2013: This is the golden age of quarterbacking, Jay says, with Peyton Manning showcasing the old school and Colin Kaepernick giving us a look at the future. Forget about the tattoos and the loping runs — Kaepernick already is a top NFL passer, and there is no way to stop him. Jay still loves Russell Wilson and says he saved the Seahawks, still Jay’s pick to win the Super Bowl, from an upset in Carolina. Jay can’t wait for the 49ers-Seahawks game Sunday. The Steelers are toast, Jay says, and Mike Wallace should stay quiet about getting more touches after the Dolphins won the game without him. There should be more emphasis in the Tampa Bay media about the staph-infection issue, especially if the Bucs’ front office tried to cover it up, as the players’ union is investigating according to an ESPN report. Jay expects the Redskins to be conservative with Robert Griffin III tonight and doesn’t anticipate much in a raucous Washington environment from Chip Kelly’s college spread offense. Jay is tired of talking about fans falling to their deaths in stadiums and says it’s time to reject architectural aesthetics for chain-link fences. There were five or six college soap operas over the weekend, none involving Johnny Manziel. Jay blames Steve Spurrier for not being more involved as Head Ball Coach as Jadeveon Clowney — no longer a Heisman Trophy candidate — complains about how he’s used and South Carolina assistants are tussling on the sideline. Jay wonders if Jon Gruden is buying real estate in Los Angeles now that Lane Kiffin is a goner at USC. Mack Brown’s impending successor at Texas might be Chris Petersen of Boise State. How does a program like Texas, with every built-in advantage, get clobbered at BYU? Jay isn’t surprised by reports of a scandal at Oklahoma State but wonders if the NCAA is out of the enforcement penalty business. Jay reminds the audience that he picked Miami to beat Florida, and that Will Muschamp is not maintaining the elite standard in Gainesville.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 9, 2013: Jay urges listeners to enjoy the variety of NFL quarterbacks dominating each week. He thinks the Redskins shoud follow the Kaepernick game plan from Sunday and pass, pass, pass, realizing they must preserve Griffin for the long term and not expose him to physical punishment in the read option. Jay says Michael Vick is under pressure tonight, too, as the trigger of Kelly’s offense. Jay thinks Kelly will grow frustrated because he won’t be able to operate his offense as quickly as he did at Oregon, simply because NFL officials are programmed not to start plays immediately. Jay says officials already are under fire after the bad call in the 49ers-Packers game. Jay applauds the NFL for its choice of Bruno Mars as Super Bowl halftime singer, skewing younger after years of choosing the old-fart likes of Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones and Madonna. Jay can’t believe Eminem was nervous about his Saturday night interview with Brent Musburger. Jay says Carrie Underwood was the right choice to replace Faith Hill on the NBC intro. Jay calls Deion Sanders a fraud for criticizing former NFL players in their legal attempts to win a financial settlement while he was in court two years ago doing the same. Jay shifts to baseball and hopes facial hair is the only tonic the Red Sox are using the hit home runs. Jay says Tampa Bay has offense issues and wonders if the Rays can hold onto an AL wild-card berth. Jay is amazed the Yankees are piece-mealing their way through September. Jay says the Pirates haven’t won a game since he wrote about them. Jay shouts we can’t believe in anything anymore now that fraud charges dog distance swimmer Diana Nyad. Dennis Rodman’s friendship with the North Korean leader means Worm might be more powerful than Barack Obama, whom Rodman ripped with an expletive. Jay predicts a big victories for Redskins and Texans.

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