Mariotti Show: Monday September 30th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on September 30, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 30, 2013:
Jay salivates over a potential Peyton Manning/Seahawks Super Bowl and is willing to leapfrog the rest of the regular season to assure that happens. For all the recent hype about Chip Kelly (who can’t play his blur offense without a defense) and high-tech offenses, Manning has been the one doing the best lab work. Denver’s offense, in a rules culture that favors offenses more than ever, is on its way to becoming the greatest regular-season point machine ever. Seattle didn’t play well on the road again, but found a way to win — and Manning vs. Richard Sherman and the Seahawks secondary would be an all-time championship matchup. The Texans, Jay’s preseason AFC pick, are fading under the choke jobs of Matt Schaub, who has become the king of the Pick-6 and might have to be replaced if Houston has any chance of competing against Denver. For the Texans to dominate Seattle at home for much of the game, pulverizing Russell Wilson with a steady dose of J.J. Watt and Co., and lose because the offense went dead after halftime — bad omen. Jay says Game No. 163 might seem watered-down and in need of a better name, but Texas-Tampa Bay is still a single-elimination event, which is why we watch sports. Jay likes Joe Maddon in a one-game situation against Ron Washington, and though David Price has awful career numbers against the Rangers, he’ll pitch well enough to get to the bullpen, as long as Fernando Rodney doesn’t blow it. Jay says baseball’s postseason is lost in the NFL/college football TV blitz, but he says October drama never lets us down and he’ll be discussing it and writing about it extensively.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 30, 2013:

Jay breaks down Week 4 of the NFL season and names only a handful of teams beyond Denver and Seattle capable of a playoff challenge — New Orleans, Kansas City, maybe New England (though losing Vince Wilfork is another injury blow), maybe San Francisco if Jim Harbaugh continues to right the ship. Jay was let down by four teams — Chicago (Jay Cutler still unreliable), Dallas (Cowboys and Tony Romo always lose when prosperity knocks at their door), Cincinnati (losing to Cleveland? WTH, Andy Dalton) and Baltimore (Joe Flacco should stop trading barbs with Ray Lewis and focus enough to avoid five interceptions against a banged-up Buffalo defense). Jay applauds Philip Rivers for a Comeback Player of the Year sort of season and feels bad that Jake Locker, who hasn’t thrown an interceptions and was emerging as a fine young quarterback, will miss 6 to 8 weeks in Tennessee. Jay is amazed the Browns, supposedly tanking the season with the Trent Richardson trade, are 2-0 with Brian Hoyer at QB. Jay thinks Greg Schiano and Mark Dominik should stop scapegoating Josh Freeman for Tampa Bay’s 0-4 start and look in the mirror; Schiano is perfecting the art of blowing close games and is fighting for his job with rookie QB Mike Glennon, who looked decent until throwing two inevitable late picks. Jay thinks Tampa Bay and Jacksonville should play in the middle of Florida somewhere, but Disney World wouldn’t work because they’d scare away the kids and mascots. Jay thinks it’s absurd for the London to keep pushing the London project because Euros never will view American football as more than a novelty — and never wlll accept it enough as a way of life to support a franchise there. This is Roger Goodell’s blind spot as commissioner. Also, imagine the logistics of a London team having to play 10 games a year in the U.S. — has he thought about that?

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 30, 2013:

No one is into the London project but Goodell, Jay says, and he should concentrate on putting a team or two in Los Angeles, where 13 million people and a massive corporate base await. Also, by having the Jaguars play there once a year for four years, they’re just further alienating themselves from whatever fan base remains in Jacksonville. An overhead plane banner pleaded for Tim Tebow, and the Jags should sign him — not as a QB — just to establish a good vibe in what could be an 0-16 season. Jay says he’s never seen a young man in any walk of life blow so many great career opportunities than Lane Kiffin, whow as mercifully relieved of his duties by USC after he was pulled off the team bus at the Los Angeles airport in the wee hours Sunday. USC should eye Jon Gruden, who looks like Hollywood football coach and had cred with young people, to restore a program with resources, sunshine, powerful backers and a brand name. Jay says Alabama shut us up with a strong defense performance Saturday, though Nick Saban almost blew a gasket when he screamed at his offensive players. Texas great Earl Campbell says the school should fire Mack Brown immediately, but Texas blew its shot at Saban by not sealing the deal last winter when school reps had Saban’s agent on the phone — and allowing Brown to decide whether he wanted to stay another year, a decision that set back the program even further. Jay says the Pac-12 is inching closer to the SEC in the power rankings and anticipates the Oregon-Stanford winner will reach the final BCS title game against the Alabama-Georgia winner, though Clemson could be right there as a third unblemished team. Jay was impressed by Braxton Miller but not by Ohio State’s defense and doesn’t think the Buckeyes are national title material. Georgia has come far since its opening loss to Clemson and suddenly, like last year, could have a huge say in the final championship picture. Jay picks the Rays to win the play-in game that gets them to the next play-in game.

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