Mariotti Show: Friday The 13th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on September 13, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 13, 2013:
Jay introduces a college football culture clash more than worthy of the hype — Johnny Football vs. Nick Saban — and says you couldn’t have invented a better story line for football and life in 2013. Do you take the authority-defying, money-grabbing, rapper-texting party kid with the built-in CBS “Johnny Cam,” or the old-school authoritarian who has won three of the last four national championships with a strict foundation of old-school principles and mean-dad fear tactics? Jay picks Saban, not because he’ll stop Manziel but because he’ll emphasize a deliberate, ball-control offense that keeps Johnny Football off the field for long intervals. Jay says Alabama, with T.J. Yeldon, will be able to run on Texas A&M’s suspect defense while setting up AJ McCarron for his typical big pass plays in big games. Jay says this matchup is so dizzy, Auburn alum Charles Barkley says he can’t stand Manziel — even though Manziel IS Charles Barkley — while former President George H.W. Bush loves Johnny Football. Jay picks Alabama to win 34-20. Jay says it’s a great weekend for football, period, and is anxious to see how Colin Kaepernick response to his beautiful perfomance last Sunday against a crazy crowd and towering pass defense in Seattle. Jay loves the Manning family and how they represent the best in Americana. Jay can’t believe Rip Van Freeman slept through the team photo and expects he’ll sleep in Sunday against the Saints, causing more trouble for Greg Schiano. Jay explains why Nick Saban probably wouldn’t be directly involved in the Yahoo-reported scandal, but that he somehow must do a better job of keeping sleazy agents out of the program. Jay covers the other college games and says Jon Gruden would be a great fit at USC and probably is looking for L.A. real estate as we speak.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 13, 2013:
Jay reminds people that the origin of “Johnny Football” came from the Don Mattingly nickname “Donnie Baseball.” He’s glad no one is called “Kobe Basketball” or “Sidney Hockey.” He says the Manziel family has trademarked the name and wonders if he officially should change his name to Johnny Football, so that in 20 years, he can do speeches in Waco and Lubbock as Johnny Football. Jay says Alabama has bigger problems now that Tennessee has suspended one of the players in the Yahoo report. Jay says he feels sorry for the kids who don’t come from money and have to deal with agents, such as D.J. Fluker of Alabama, and while they should be paid a stipend (and are getting a four-year free education worth upwards of $300,000 at some schools), that won’t stop the scandals. Jay is outraged, again, that ESPN is controlling college football for the next dozen years at $3.7 billion. Jay says the game Thursday night was not NFL football and feels sorry that Tom Brady has so few reliable receivers. Jay says Geno Smith isn’t ready, but warns Jets fans that Mark Sanchez would have played as poorly. Jay says the Tampa Bay situation, on and off the field, is the most chaotic in the league and wonders why Greg Schiano isn’t prepared to have a suitable, experienced backup ready. Tim Tebow, he says, would not be a good fit anywhere in the NFL as a quarterback, so don’t mention Tampa. Jay says the Pete Carroll-Jim Harbaugh rivalry is why Seattle-San Francisco is the best NFL rivalry.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 13, 2013:
Jay says Las Vegas is agog with gambling fever because of the big college game, the big NFL game and the not-so-big Floyd Mayweather fight. Jay wonders why Mayweather is such a big deal — name one epic, all-time fight he’s been in — and can’t believe the money he generates and why any fan would pay the pay-per-view money. Jay resets Manziel vs. Saban and says Manziel’s legend would go through the ozone if he beats Saban again. Saban’s legacy is established — this is Johnny Football’s crossroads, to show it isn’t a fad. Jay reminds people that Colin Kaepernick is gifted as a think-on-his feet quarterback. The Manning Bowl irks the Mannings, but football fans enjoy the family and the funny TV commercials. Jay thinks Eli wins because the Giants need the game more and the Bronocs have defense issues without suspended Von Miller. Jay reports the latest details on Sports Illustrated’s expose of Oklahoma State football — sex! — and makes his pro and college picks. He likes Alabama, Seattle and Rip Van Freeman to sleep in.

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