Mariotti Show: Friday September 20th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on September 20, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 20, 2013:
Jay thinks Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Loathe, is going soft. It gave a mostly warm reception to Andy Reid, who is doing marvelous work with a serious Kansas City team that has a chance to go far with a pulverizing defense and efficient offense. Reid made Philly miss him in his compelling showdown against successor Chip Kelly, whose blur offense turned blah with too many turnovers and sack of Michael Vick, who looked awful. Jay says Kelly has work to do to make his offense thrive in the NFL — it would help if he had a defense — but says the NFC East is so weak that it’s still winnable for the Eagles. Jay was happy to see Donovan McNabb get a warm ovation at halftime — again, has Philly gone mushy on us? Jay sends a message to the Diamondbacks: If you don’t want another team celebrating in your pool, either don’t build the pool or make sure you win the division. Jay says he tries to hate the Dodgers because of their all-time-high payroll, but can’t — because of Vin Scully, Chavez Ravine and Don Mattingly — and expects them to be in th World Series unless the unpredictable Yasiel Puig sabotages them. Jay thinks Texas should have pulled the plug on Mack Brown in January, when it had an open door to Nick Saban. By letting Brown make the decision that he wanted to return, Texas blew any chance of getting Saban, who curiously was listening in January — probably because he’s bored at Alabama and needs a challenge, not to mention a potential $8-million-a-year salary in Austin.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 20, 2013:
Jay recalls the abusive Philadelphia: booing Santa Claus, cheering when Michael Irvin was suffering a career-threatening injury, throwing batteries and other objects. Jay agrees with Darren Sproles that Dashon Goldson’s hit was dirty and still can’t believe the one appeals official, former NFL player Matt Birk, reversed the one-game suspension. Jay chuckles at how Reid dissed ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio after the game while trying to do an interview. Jay still not convinced that Trent Richardson will be a star behind a shaky OL in Indy and applauds Browns for having the guts to load up draft picks and pursue a franchise QB. Jay thinks Cincinnati-Green Bay is the weekend’s best game and, despite the awe-inspiring play of Aaron Rodgers, thinks the Bengals have the balance to win game and cruise to 11-12 wins in a suddenly very easy division. Jay marvels at the Apple dynasty, but thinks iPhones — including his iPhone5 — are set up for planned obsolescence so you have to buy another. Jay lives in Santa Monica — Silicon Beach — but refused to wear the Google Glass googles because they’re ugly and creepily intrusive; you can Google a strange when he/she passes you on street. Jay runs down the NFL games. Jay says Aldon Smith, busted for an alleged DUI at 7 a.m., has become a serious issue for the 49ers and the league. Jay isn’t sure the 49ers are going to have a good season and could be ripe for an upset against Andrew Luck and Indy.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 20, 2013:
Jay says last weekend was precious in sports — Alabama-Johnny Football, Manning Bowl, Seattle-SF — and advises folks to see a movie or hit the beach this weekend. Jay says plenty of teams beyond Cleveland will be eyeing a QB in the draft — Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Arizona, maybe Chicago and the Jets — but only Teddy Bridgewater, Brett Hundley and Marcus Mariota are currently considered No. 1 picks. Jay says Clemson didn’t play like a national title contender last night and Tajh Boyd didn’t look like a Heisman Trophy contender. Jay picks his NFL winners and urges documentary fans to watch the Lawrence Taylor special on Showtime. Jay goes to the phone. Jay runs through the college games, picks Stanford big over Arizona State and advised fans to watch out for the Pac-12 — the quality gap is narrowing with the SEC. Alabama will have a test next week against Ole Miss, but the big one before the SEC title game is LSU in early November. Jay says the Cleveland Indians, with an easy schedule, should nail down one of the AL wild-card berths. He thinks Tampa Bay and Baltimore will split and leave an open road for Texas. Andy Pettitte, one of the great big-game pitchers ever, is retiring at season’s end.

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