Mariotti Show: Friday August 23

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on August 23, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: August 23, 2013:

Like most of America, Jay is appalled at the lack of depth and substance in Ryan Braun’s unacceptable “apology.” FIrst of all, he wrote it with his advisors instead of holding a press conference, taking questions for two hours and letting the nation’s baseball fans look him in the eyeballs. Second, Braun doesn’t provide specifics about his involvement with PEDs and comes off as if trying to warm-and-fuzzy people just so he can return next season and continue collecting the $127 million owed him. Callers weigh in and agree with Jay. The Milwaukee Brewers will have to consider trading Lyin’ Ryan, and Jay thinks the Dodgers — flying high and throwing around money — would take him. Jay says Braun didn’t follow the textbook of some PEDers — Jason Giambi, Andy Pettitte, even Jose Canseco — who largely have been forgiven because they were forthcoming and honest about their involvement. Canseco is the “Godfather of the Steroids Era” from providing so much information, insight and context in his book.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: August 23, 2013:

Jay continues the Braun discussion. He reflects on the Aaron Hernandez indictment and court appearance and issues a warning after the George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony verdicts: It’s no slam dunk that Hernandez will be convicted as prosecutors still search for a murder weapon. If he skates, he will have an enormous legal case against the NFL and New England Patriots. Jay discusses two big weekend series ahead — Yankees-Rays, Red Sox-Dodgers — and is amazed a prime ticket behind the Yankees’ dugout at Tropicana Field (also near A-Rod at third base) can be had for $111 on StubHub. He says you couldn’t get in the Dodger Stadium parking lot at that price for Dodgers-Red Sox. Jay says to book A-Rod all you want, but please don’t throw objects. Jay is concerned about Tim Tebow’s NFL future and wonders if he should pursue full-time evangelism work — Tebow cathedral, Tebow TV network on Sunday mornings, Tebow helping the world heal one day at a time. Or, he can play in the Arena League for L.A. franchise owner Gene Simmons. Jay still thinks the Jaguars are dead-wrong for not bringing in the hometown hero to sell empty seats in Jacksonville and promote their games in London. Jay discusses the conflict of interest when ESPN is in bed with the NFL and how ESPN bowed out of a controversial co-production with PBS called “League of Denial.”

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: August 23, 2013:

Amid the A-Rod circus, Jay urges listeners not to forget the final baseball days of Mariano Rivera, who not only is the best closer ever but one of the sport’s fine humanitarians. He also interjects Ichiro Suzuki, whom Jay thinks is the top “hitmaker” of all time based not on his combined MLB-Japan hit total but on Jay’s projections that Ichiro would be passing Pete Rose’s all-time hit record had he played in MLB his entire career. Jay relates a USA Today story in which Rose still claims he’s the Hit KIng. Jay disses the Texas A&M chancellor for assuming Johnny Manziel is innocent of signing autographs for pay, urging the man to do some real investigative work to protect the university instead of condemrning the media and politicking so that the school makes its $$$ off Johnny Football this season. Jay says it’s stunning that well-heeled NFL franchises, such as the Tampa Bay Bucs, would have a staph infection issue in their team facilities — and wonders if high-priced Carl Nicks can recover in time not to adversely impact the Bucs’ season. Jay says Robert Griffin III needs to listen to Mike Shanahan and stop whining. Jay continues his college football preview and predicts Jadeveon Clowney, AJ McCarron and Teddy Bridgewater will be on the tips of Heisman Trophy tongues, not Manziel. Jay says the SEC in this day and age is the best brand of college football we’ve ever seen.

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