Marcin Gortat On The Celtics’ Radar

In an interview with Polish newspaper Przeglad Sportowy, Marcin Gortat voiced his displeasure with his role in Alvin Gentry’s offense and talked about missing the chemistry he had with Steve Nash. More importantly, there is some speculation that the Celtics have shown interest in trading for him.

First off, who would the Celtics have to give up? Gortat is making around $7 million per year over the next two years and to make the salaries match, you’re probably looking at some combination of a value vet plus a prospect. That could mean something like Brandon Bass and Avery Bradley or Courtney Lee and Fab Melo (or Jared Sullinger). Either way, he’s not coming cheap.

The argument for making the trade is pretty simple: at age 28, Marcin Gortat is a very accomplished center and could help a team without a true center in their current rotation.

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