Magic Johnson On Sterling: “He’s Living In The Stone Ages”


NBA legend Magic Johnson has fired back at Donald Sterling, one day after the disgraced Clippers owner attacked him for being HIV-positive and accused him of not supporting the African-American community during a nationally-televised interview.

Speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday, Johnson did his best to take the high road as he tried to set the record straight about his work with HIV and AIDS-related charities and his other charitable endeavors, while also reacting to Sterling’s initial comments that he didn’t want his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, to take pictures with Johnson or bring African-Americans to Clippers games.

“I just feel sorry for him,” Johnson said. “I really do. It’s sad. … The problem is, he is living in the Stone Ages. He can’t make those comments about African-Americans or Latinos. He just can’t do it.”

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