LeBron Likes Jason Kidd’s Chances As Coach

The Nets announced the hiring of Jason Kidd as their new head coach on Wednesday, and while there are legitimate questions as to whether he can make the transition so quickly from player to coach, the reaction has been mostly positive.

Go ahead and count LeBron James among the believers.

Speaking before the Heat’s Game 4 win over the Spurs, James couldn’t have been happier for Kidd, and believes that his experience and his personality are well-suited to take on this new challenge.

“I think it’s amazing, honestly,” he said. “J-Kidd is unbelievable, one of the best teammates I ever played with — on the ’08 Olympic team, he was one of the best friends I would have, on and off the floor. He’s a student of the game. His basketball IQ is crazy and I think it’s going to make it an easy transition for him to be a coach. It’s a great thing for him.”

Source: Brett Pollakoff, Pro Basketball Talk