LeBron Is Upset He Can’t Watch The Super Bowl

LeBron James is upset he’ll miss part of Super Bowl XLVII because of he’ll be on the Miami Heat’s private jet, which is not equipped with Wi-Fi or satellite television.

Miami has a 2 p.m. game in Toronto on Sunday, then has to immediately fly back to Miami for a Monday tip against the Charlotte Bobcats. The overlap means the team will miss part, or all, of the Super Bowl while traveling.

“How disgusting is that?” LeBron said to reporters on Wednesday.

Oh, woe is me, LeBron. You know what my private jet lacks? Wings, pilots, an engine and 12 spoiled millionaires. You have a DVR right? Set it.

Perhaps I was too harsh. LeBron and the Heat deserve some sympathy. Sure, they’re rich men playing a game for a living, but they also spend an inordinate amount of time on that plane. How can there be no Wi-Fi or satellite?

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