Lakers Owner Jerry Buss Dies At 80

Jerry Bus Suffering With Cancer; Kobe and Shaq React
Jerry Buss, the 79-year-old owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, has been hospitalized with cancer recently, which has prompted the response of those affiliated with the team in both the past and present day.

Buss has helped the Lakers get 10 championships, but he has recently made headlines for some health issues. In Dec. 2011, Buss was treated for blood clots while he was hospitalized for dehydration last July.

However, the Los Angeles Times reported that his most recent health issue stemmed from cancer that resulted in his hospitalization.

The Times quoted Buss’ son, Jim, who said his father was “doing fine” previously. The Lakers owner gained some public support from those who have been affiliated with his team over the years.

Shaquille O’Neal took to his Twitter on Thursday to wish the Lakers owner well.

“Dr. Jerry Buss, thinking about u & wish I could be there, get well soon (SIC),” the former Lakers center tweeted. “I can’t wait 2 see u on 4/2/13 (hash)LoveYou.”

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