Kluwe’s Lawyer Wanted Report Kept Private

Although Chris Kluwe has taken some of the Minnesota Vikings report public via Twitter, his lawyer and him had previously argued to keep the report private. Apparently it’s turning into a “he said, he said” situation. In a statement Clayton Halunen released he talks about how the report would be damaging to both parties:

“I’ve [p]ut a lot of thought into the Vikings making the investigation report public and the more I think about it I believe it would be a mistake for a number of reasons,” Halunen wrote.  “First, the Vikings have never made any commitment to make any investigation report public.  The only commitment made was that my client’s allegations would be thoroughly investigated.  They have been.  Second, there is no good reason to make [t]he details public.  They will only provide fodder for the media and pundits to attack the methodology, integrity or content to serve their own agenda.  Finally, why should confidences shared by witnesses during the course of the investigation that may be very personal in nature be shared publicly?  It’s seems as though public disclosure would more likely open a Pandora’s box than provide public confidence in the investigation.”

Now that the report is out both the Vikings and Kluwe will have to do much damage control.

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