Kevin Durant Likes Derek Fisher As Knicks Coach


Kevin Durant said Tuesday that Thunder guard Derek Fisher would be a good fit for the New York Knicks coaching job.

When asked Tuesday by The Post if he felt Fisher had the attributes to be a solid coach, Durant said, “Without a doubt. He’s a smart guy, smart mind. He’s a great motivator, great speaker and can really relate to a lot of guys and demands that respect from everybody. He’s a great locker-room guy. I’m sure he’ll do a great job.”

“I mean, what else is Durant going to say? He’s a teammate that Durant lobbied for when he was a free agent three years ago. Durant loves him and has openly been petitioning him to play another season with the Thunder. But Fisher says he’s done, that this is his last season. And the Knicks allow him to transition smoothly to coach with Phil Jackson as mentor, and make a lot of money.”