Jets Hope They Can Trade Tebow

The Tim Tebow experiment hasn’t worked for the Jets. Now the only question is whether the Jets will be able to salvage anything when they inevitably send Tebow packing in the offseason.

Tebow is expected to ask for a trade or his release in the offseason, and the New York Daily News reports that the Jets will try to trade Tebow.

The only team that might have interest in Tebow is the Jaguars, because Tebow is enormously popular there as a local boy who won a Heisman Trophy and national championship at Florida. But why would the Jaguars trade anything to the Jets for Tebow if they know the Jets don’t want him? It would make more sense for the Jaguars to wait for the Jets to release Tebow, and then sign him without having to give up anything to the Jets.

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