Jeff Parke: We Need To Believe In Ourselves

Jeff Parke doesn’t think the Sounders are done yet.  Seattle are down 3-0 heading into CenturyLink Field Sunday against the defending champions LA Galaxy, but Parke thinks his team will have a lot to say about the result before the 90 minutes are through.

“It’s a game that hopefully will be a little bit open and, in our favor, it’s at our field with a great crowd.  We favor our chances,” Parke told Sports Talk Florida in an exclusive interview.

Landon Donovan and Robbie Keane were electric in the first leg, showing up all over the field leading to Keane’s two goals and an assist, and another assist for Donovan.

“It makes it difficult as a defender to always be watching, always keeping an eye [on them],” Parke said.  “It’s easy if a forward sits right in front of you or sits right next to you.  You can have an eye on him.  But if he’s drifting all the way back into the midfield or if he’s drifting behind the line or if he’s drifting out wide like they always do, it’s like they’re all over the place.  It’s not one spot.”

But the duo’s performance doesn’t discourage Parke.  The Sounders know what they have to do in order to slow down Donovan and Keane.

“[We have to] stay tight.  When they drop into the midfield, one of the back four has to go and stay tight on them.  Then just try to stay physical and keep them off the ball.  When they do get the ball, we need to get a piece of them…  When they make their runs, get a body on them and push them and try to disrupt their runs.”

When asked what specifically the Sounders need to do most on Sunday, Parke was clear.

“We have to believe in each other.”

Listen to the entire interview below

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