Jeanie Buss Felt Betrayed By Lakers

Lakers_Jeanie_Buss_2013Jeanie Buss, the chief of the Los Angeles Lakers business operations and fiancee to Hall of Famer Phil Jackson, wrote in an upcoming update to her “Laker Girl” memoirs that she felt the hiring of Mike D’Antoni as head coach last year instead of Jackson was “a betrayal.”

Buss, in an excerpt published Sunday in the Los Angeles Times, wrote she “felt she got played,” referring to the decision ultimately made by her brother Jim, which she has said took her and Jackson by surprise and had been an unsettling experience.

“I felt that I got played. Why did they have to do that?” Jeanie Buss wrote in the November edition to the book originally published in 2010. “Why did Jim pull Phil back into the mix if he wasn’t sincere about it? …

Source: ESPN