Jay Cutler’s Offense, “Not Going To Happen”

Cutler says don’t expect Bears’ offense to match D
LAKE FOREST, Ill. (AP) — The idea that the Chicago Bears’ offense will match their jaw-dropping defense this season just might be a little far-fetched.

Jay Cutler says it’s “not going to happen.” The quarterback says the offense is “eight, nine years behind those guys” because the Bears have been running the same defense “a long time.”

For all the hype coming into the season, the offense remains a work in progress. That hasn’t stopped the Bears (7-1, No. 3 In AP Pro32) from grabbing the NFC North lead heading into Sunday’s showdown with AFC South leader Houston.

It just hasn’t happened quite the way they envisioned.

While the defense continues to dominate, an offense that many thought had the potential to be explosive isn’t quite living up to the hype.

Source: Associated Press